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Making the Most of Your One-Day Campervan Holiday

One-Day Campervan Holiday

If you’ve decided to go on a brief campervan holiday for the day (staying overnight) you’re going to want to make the most of the time you have by ensuring you get in all the relevant camper activities you would normally associate with taking your home on the road with you.

Campervan Holiday

This is particularly important if you don’t own your van (you’re renting), as you’ll have to return your camper directly after your day trip and therefore won’t be able to head out in it again unless you pay for another rental holiday. Once you’ve found the perfect camper rental for you online be quick to reserve it for the period you’ll need it, before heading over there to pick it up on the day of your holiday.

There are, as you’d expect, several ways for you to make the most of your one-day campervan holiday. Four of the most significant of which being:

1) Parking Directly at Your Destination


Being able to park directly at your destination is one of the major benefits of driving (and staying in) a campervan, especially when you compare all the hassles of finding a parking space, unloading all your luggage, and lugging it all the way to your hotel; campervan living beats out every other option every time.

Once you’ve parked at your destination you’ll be able:

• Connect to the grid if you’re staying at a designated campervan spot: Sometimes this is entirely necessary, other times it’s simply a luxury. As your holiday only lasts twenty-four hours, chances are you won’t need to connect to the grid at all.

• Walk the few meters from your camper to the sea, mountains, or whatever spectacle you have driven to: You’ll be parked so close you can literally stumble out of your van straight into the beautiful spectacle of nature you’ve driven to.

2) Driving Around the Local Area

As your holiday only spans a short period it’s a good idea to drive around the local area in the evening, either to simply use your van as any other vehicle; as a means of getting from A to B, or to see if you can scout out any potential parking spots to park up during the evening that are better than your current destination.

This helps you to make the most of your holiday as you’ll be able to visit new towns and villages that you would otherwise pass on by if you had chosen to stay in your first destination.

3) Cooking Dinner on a Camping Stove

One thing that should always be included on a campervan holiday itinerary, regardless of how short your trip is, is cooking dinner on a camping stove while sat outside your van in the evening.

Camper Stove

When cooking on a camping stove (or over an open flame) it’s important to keep your cooking activities far enough away from your van not only so the van can’t possibly be reached by your flames, but also so the smell of your cooked meal doesn’t make its way into your sleeping area. To cook safely, make sure you:

• Place your stove on a flat, sheltered surface. • Release gas slowly until you hear a hissing sound. Once you hear the hiss, light a match. • Place the food you’re planning on eating into your cooking pots, and place one pot at a time on your stove. • Ensure all foods (especially any meats) are cooked thoroughly before serving.

4) Parking Somewhere New for Breakfast

Unlike staying in hotels or hostels, when you travel around in a campervan you can change your scenery on a daily basis, if you so wish, making waking up, driving off, and parking up somewhere new to eat your breakfast one of the easiest things in the world.

Even better, drive somewhere to pick up a delicious breakfast before heading over to another location to eat it beside a stunning view.

In conclusion, to make the most of a one-day campervan holiday you should create an itinerary, and stick to it, that encompasses parking up at a beautiful destination, getting to know the local area, cooking dinner on a camping stove, and driving somewhere new for breakfast.

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