9 Quirky Ideas for Your Wedding Invitations


There always seems to be about a thousand things to do when you are in the process of planning a wedding. In fact, a lot of couples find the whole process so daunting; they hire professional wedding planners for the occasion.

However, planning a wedding can be made easy if you just break down your plan, and give yourself plenty of time to make your bookings and organised all of those little jobs that need to be done.

One of the easiest and most enjoyable of these planning tasks for many is the making up of an invitation list and the selection of invitations. With some of the many great quirky invitation cards available these days, the entire process really can be a whole lot of fun.

Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitations

If you are thinking about sending some amusingly quirky invitations to your friends and family, our list of fun and engaging cards may give you a few ideas.

1. Scratch Cards

Scratch cards make great wedding invitations. These are generally designed in the more classic style, but have the twist of having to scratch certain portions to reveal the date of the wedding. An amusing card that still retains the elegance of a formal wedding invitation.

2. Pencil Us In Cards

Pencil us in cards come in a number of styles, shapes and sizes. These amusing invitations come with an attached pencil and a small area to write on. The idea, of course, is to pencil in the date of the wedding on the card and place it in a highly visible place. An amusing idea that just about everyone will really love.

3. Chocolate Bar Invitations

Yes, you can now get chocolate bar invitations. These come in a range of designs, as well as milk or dark chocolate. The names of the soon to be weds and the wedding date are printed onto the wrapper of the chocolate bar, where they are sure to be noticed. The names and dates are also printed on a separate card just in case an over eager guest rips the wrapper.

4. Message in a Bottle

A message in a bottle is always a nice touch. These come in a number of styles, ranging from classic sauce bottles to wine bottles. These can be boxed up and sent to friends and family for a really great wedding invitation surprise. They also make a great memento of the occasion.

5. Air Tickets

You can now get air ticket themed wedding invites. These come with old style airmail envelopes to give them a real authentic feel. The name of the bride and groom are printed onto the passenger section, with the date and place printed where the seat number would normally be located. An amusing invitation card idea that would suit any couple that enjoys travelling.

6. Reel of Film Invite

With this invitation, you simply pull out the tab on a replicas 35mm film reel to reveal the wedding details. Its small, its compact and it’s a lot of fun. Another great idea to make your wedding invites stand out.

7. The Balloon Invitation

The balloon invitation idea was originally for birthday parties. However, they make a perfect novelty wedding invitation. The balloon is printed with all of the wedding details and placed into a simple folding card invite. The guest simply has to detach the balloon and inflate to reveal the names, date and location. It’s a fun idea, and incredibly inexpensive.

8. The Wedding Invitation Tea Towel

It’s official; you can now get your wedding invitations printed onto tea towels. Environmentally friendly, these invites can be used time and time again. It’s a novel idea that will bring a smile to the face of every guest. They also make a great souvenir of the occasion.

Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitations

9. Tie the Knot Cards

A tie the knot card has a piece of brightly colored string attached to the inner section. When the card is opened the length of string tightens into a knot. Witty and to the point, this little number certainly has an amusement factor.

So, if you are in the process of planning your wedding, why not brighten up the invite side of the occasion with a quirky, amusing card.

About the Author : Sonia Allen writes on a freelance basis for Dream wedding, a network of vendors and other providers for weddings. There you can find not only florists and jewelers but also photographers and dress designers.

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