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Tools and Equipment You Should Hire Instead of Buying


Almost every home has a toolbox for minor repairs. In some cases, this means owning only a screwdriver, but in other cases this implies a full-scale workshop in the garage. However, no matter how many tools you have, you cannot own all of them. There are job-specific tools and machines that are either too expensive to possess or either too complicated to operate. That is why your toolbox will get you only so far. From thereon, once the cost of buying a new or used machine goes over the cost of the home repair, it is much wiser to start hiring equipment. Which machines are we exactly talking about is rather unclear and depends on your repair budget, but in general, the following equipment is way cheaper to hire than to purchase, at least when it comes to house repairs and makeovers.

Tools and Equipment

A Tiller

Owning a tiller or a cultivator, as it is also called, is a necessity only for people who live in the countryside and make their living as farmers. It is a luxury to use it in urban gardens and yards, so it is much cheaper to rent one because you are going to need it once or maybe twice a year. During the rest of the year, you can use hand tools to turn up soil if your garden is not too large. In addition, tillers can be quite bulky, so they will take up a lot of space in the garage if bought for good.

Tile Saw

Tile saws that can be purchased at DIY centres are rather cheap, but they are inadequate. As if they were made for children, they cannot cut larger tiles, nor the ones which are just a little bit thicker than the standard. That is, these small saws are nothing but a waste of money. Another minus is that they are quite large and take up a lot of space wherever you store them. Since you are not a professional ceramicist and you don’t refurbish your bathroom every year, it is much smarter to simply rent an industrial tile saw. They are reliable and will get all the work done in no time. Who knows, if you are crafty enough, you might use them for less hours that intended, thus paying less for their rent.

A Forklift

Some unprofessional movers tend to just unload the stuff in front of the house you are moving into and leave. Even if they carry your boxes inside, they are not going to carry them upstairs.  A convenient solution to this problem is a forklift that is very useful in any move. Since moving companies do not own these, and you are certainly not going to buy one, renting seems the only reasonable option. This is especially important in places such as Australia where people tend to have a large cargo when moving. Renting electric forklifts in Sydney is more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. How else are you going to move large pieces of furniture to the second floor without having to cut out pieces of the wall? They are also useful to be hired for moving into place large pieces of furniture, like a Jacuzzi that goes in the backyard.

A Power System

Even the biggest TV stations and production companies are ditching the idea of owning power systems for concerts and similar events. A neater solution for them is to simple hire these. This way, they do not need to pay technicians to operate them and risk an accident happening, as all the responsibility is taken by the renting company. Likewise, there is no need for homeowners to own even small-scale power systems, as they are really necessary only in case of an emergency. The other home use they have is to power the house while a complete makeover is in progress and electric wiring is being replaced. Then it is necessary to hire such a system.

Tools and Equipment

Hardwood-flooring Tools

The people who laid down your floors probably used professional tools to do so. If you are redoing a part of the hardwood-flooring in your house and need these tools, buying them is a waste of money. Once you realise how hard work it really is and how many different tools are involved, you will not decide to do such a stunt again. The tools you bought are just going to be stored somewhere forever. If you are really determined to dabble with the flooring, go to a company that offers those services and simply rent the tools they use. The price will be a bargain and you will actually save money in the long run.

If you don’t want to have a garage that looks like the storage unit of a compulsive hoarder, then choose to rent rather than buy. By purchasing tools you use only once a year or even rarer than that, you are just throwing away money that could be used for other, more important things.

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