4 Reasons Why You Should Visit San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of America’s favourite and most vibrant cities. It attracts millions of visitors who leave fascinated by the wonderful scenery, unusual climate, delicious food and friendly people. This is definitely a place to visit at least once in a lifetime and the following reasons are just some of the many good ones why you should plan your trip to San Francisco real soon.

The Best Place for Foodies!

Believe it or not, San Francisco is like a heaven on earth for foodies. It has been named as Best Food City in the USA and it definitely deserves this title. There are more than 4,500 restaurants, offering an overwhelming number of choices of food, so you will for sure find something according to your taste. You should, of course, taste some traditional food, including Cioppino for an appetizer, Xiao long bao for lunch and of course, a salted caramel ice cream for dessert. And if you love drinking beer, you should try the anchor steam beer.

You Can Get to Know The City in a Day!

You will, of course, love to spend more time in this beautiful city, but you don’t need to worry if you don’t have much time too. The city is full of things to do and see, but it’s actually geographically small, which makes it perfect to see it just for a day. So, if you decide on this option, make sure to take a trip to Alcatraz, go for a walk in the oldest Chinatown, walk over the Golden Gate, ride the cable car etc.

San Francisco
San Francisco

The Best Place for Cycling!

If you are a bike lover you will for sure fall in love with San Francisco. Bikes are just as famous as cars in this amazing city. Most of the rides start in the city-side of the Golden Gate Bridge and the routes include impressive views, climbs and fast descents. Some of them are Point Reyes Loop, Muir Woods Loop, Col du Pantoll etc.

Numerous Festivals to Attend!

And one more good reason why you should visit this USA city is that you can visit many festivals and entertainment events. There are numerous free festivals that you can attend from April to October, mostly happening in San Francisco’s downtown plazas and market street. Some such famous festivals are Fillmore Jazz Festival, Union Street Festival, Carnival San Francisco etc., so maybe you can get the chance to attend them on your next visit to San Francisco.

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