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Multiple Benefits of Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

The name itself suggests that the flammable liquid storage cabinets are used for combustion purposes. Therefore, the demand for flammable chemicals and fluids is increasing day by day. Hence the concern for safety has doubled its speed. The main problem with flammable liquids is that it may catch fire if not stored properly. This is dangerous for the employees working and for the company. Since flammable chemicals catch fire immediately, it is important to secure the entire premises. Therefore, the flammable liquid storage cabinets are used by the industries.

What Is The Use Of These Cabinets?

The flammable liquid storage stores all kinds of flammable liquids in a secured manner. Here you will find various sections to store different types of such items. For example, you can store multiple gallons or cans. The greatest advantage of using this storage unit is that it is legal to store the liquids in the cabinets. So, if you have a cabinet in the house or industry, you are meeting the legal requirements.

  • The important benefit is that you are using the flammable liquids for safety operation. Hence you can use the liquids more properly and put them in one place instead of scattering them all over. This is how the parameters of the property are secured. The spill that is hazardous is therefore prevented and so there are no causes of multiple accidents.
  • The flammable liquid storage is specially designed to avoid any liquid getting spilled and protecting the house or industry from any major accident.

Liquid Storage Cabinets

Need For Wooden Cabinets

It is a known fact that wood has burning characteristics but if flammable storages cabinet are made of plywood, then it is the best way to store flammable liquids. These wooden storages are seen to be equally good like the metal ones as the materials are well protected from flames. The wooden storages are preferred more because they do not bend or get distorted when involved in fire. These storages that are made of wood are a thermal insulator. Even if there is a rise in temperature, there will be hardly any effect or no effect on the inside temperature of the cabinet.

Few Facts About Flammable Storages

  1. A life and death decision – The storage cabinets have become mandatory because of incident that had occurred few years back. The fire led to very serious causalities and there was huge damage to property. Hence the flammable liquid storage units were discovered and manufactured to avoid such accidents.
  2. Storages are color coded – The storage cabinets need to be protected as they store different types of materials that must be contained and protected. So, it is important to know which cabinet what materials has stored into it. Hence the flammable liquid storages are colored with standard colors indicating the kind of substances each cabinet has. For instance:
  • Red is for paints, inks and other combustible liquids.
  • Blue is for corrosive liquids
  • Green is for toxic pesticides and insecticides.
  • Yellow is for flammable liquids.
  1. Door is open for safety: The selection of storages is that either it has a self-closing door or not. The choice of right cabinet should depend upon the state and local regulations. Selection of a right cabinet is important for safety purpose.

The flammable liquid storages whether used for storing chemicals or corrosives should have a capped bung opening. This will allow ventilation which is very important. The manufacturers may give bungs, but you must be careful that venting flammable liquids are not required or even recommended.

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