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What is the History of Triumph Motorcycles Ltd?

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. is a well-known name in British economy. It is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer. Earlier Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. was part of Triumph Engineering.

But in the year 1984 John Bloor came up with Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. after its parent company went into receivership. When the new company emerged John Bloor realized that the designs and products of his company were not able to stand in competition with the technology pioneers Japanese.


In order to stand at par with the technology leaders the team of Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. visited Japan. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. was highly impressed with the technology driven Japanese companies. In the year 1984 the manufacturing company bought a new set of equipment on the basis of its prototype models.

The company successfully completed its very first engine in the year 1987. In 1988 the automobile manufacturing company funded the building of a new 10 acres building in Leicestershire. By this time Bloor has been successful in multiplying the production capacity of the company. With the increase in production capacity the need to reinvent the export network was also felt.

In the year 2002 when the automobile manufacturing company was indulged in celebrating its 100th anniversary its main factory caught massive fire. But the company came over this crisis and they quickly built a new factory and resumed production by September.

With continued operation throughout the years the automobile manufacturing company has been successful in coming up with wide range of exclusively designed bikes and motorcycles.

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. has been successful in coming up with 750 cc and 900 cc triple cylinder bikes and 1000cc and 1200 cc four cylinder bikes in the popular Cologne motorcycle show in the year September 1990.  The names of these motorcycles were taken from the popular Meriden Triumph.

  • They quickly won the hearts of public because these motorcycles were the first to be available between March and September 1991.
  • The USP with these motorbikes was that they used modular liquid cooled DOHC engine securely kept in a common large diameter steel backbone frame.
  • The first models of motorbikes which Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. came up with are called as “T300”. This generation of motorbikes has a common piston diameter of 76 mm in a common wet cylinder liner.

Basic engine variations were achieved through two specifications of piston stroke: 65mm to create individual cylinder capacity of 300cc, and 55mm to create a 250cc individual cylinder.


Daytona and Trident were also released with 750 cc and 1000 cc. All of them were known to be incredibly smooth running motorbikes. Also these motorbikes have a contra rotating balance shaft mounted at front of the engine. The customers were highly impressed with the performance of the Triumph motorbikes but weight was a depressing factor for them. The motorcycle range was revised in the year 1997 with the release of T500 range followed by light weight four cylindrical 600 cc sports TT600.

Triumph Motorcycles has always come up with high quality and genuine parts. The automobile manufacturing company has established its service centers in and around the world to render its services 24*7 to its customers. The staff at Triumph has always been offering value addition to its customers at pocket friendly prices.

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