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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Ford

Established in 1903 by automobile pioneer Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company has risen from humble beginnings to become the second-largest American automaker, behind General Motors. In fact, according to Forbes, Ford is “the most important industrial company in the history of the United States.”

It goes without saying that an automobile manufacturer as successful as Ford must be doing something right. And in the case of this American automobile giant, that something is making some of the highest quality, best value cars on the market. Below are the top five reasons why considering it for your next new vehicle purchase is never a bad idea.


History of Quality

No automaker is known for such consistent quality as Ford. The company makes quality a central part of their business plan when developing cars and trucks. Each vehicle is constructed to meet the highest standards of quality and incorporates the latest and greatest technologies into its design.

Best-Selling Vehicles

Ford has developed a number of best-selling vehicles over the years. Currently, the Focus and the F-150 are at the top of this list. The Focus as the world’s best-selling car and the F-150 as the world’s best-selling truck. The Fiesta is also high up there on the list, clocking in as the world’s sixth best-selling automobile of any kind.

Commitment to Safety

Ford continues to push the envelope on automobile safety. In safety reviews by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the company’s cars consistently receive top marks. With each new model year, comes new changes to safety features. Notable innovations for 2015 include inflatable rear safety belts and lane departure warnings.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Safety isn’t the only area where Ford is consistently pushing progression. Over the past few years, they’ve developed a number of innovative designs that are set to become a standard in the automobile industry. Recently, these new cutting-edge technologies include Sync with My Touch, a hands-free, voice-activated system. According to Tenvoorde , the world’s oldest dealership, Sync contains integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as a feature that allows you to easily control your mobile phone applications right from the built-in screen.

Environmental Commitment

Most of today’s major automakers are placing a great deal of focus on creating more environmentally friendly cars. But few have done as much as Ford. For 2015, the company has made a commitment to fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Their new EcoBoost engine is available in several different vehicle models for 2015. The smaller displacement, turbocharged direct injection engine pumps out more horsepower while lowering fuel consumption. it also has the second-largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in the world, including the popular all-electric Focus.


There aren’t very many automobile companies like it. They continually push the boundaries of automating, but never forget that their customers come first. And they do all this with a firm commitment to environmental sustainability. The top five reasons above highlight the best reasons to consider a it for your next automobile purchase.

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