How To Prevent Water Damage Caused By Rain?

Rain brings relief from the heat, but it can also cause immense damage to your home. Being one of the most common sources of water damage, it can turn your pleasant rainy day into a disaster in a quick span of time, leading to costly repairs. 

If you’re looking for a solution to keep your home safe and dry during a rainy day, reading this blog is all you have to do. Here, we will explore four simple yet effective ways to prevent water damage caused by rain, ensuring you enjoy a stress-free rainy season.

Rain Water Damage: Four Ways To Prevent It

Maintain Your Gutters

Gutters collect rainwater from the roof and drain it away from your home through downspouts. But when gutters clog (with leaves and other debris), they overflow and allow excess water to pool around the foundation.

Over time, as this moisture seeps into your home, it leads to cracks and weakening of the foundation’s structural integrity. Blocked gutters can also cause rainwater to flood your landscape, damaging plants, creating erosion, and turning your pleasant garden into a muddy space.

So, make sure to maintain this vital part of your home periodically. Regularly clean and check for damage. It’s a simple measure that helps prevent such mishaps in the first place and thus, save money and hassle in the long run.

Inspect The Sump Pump Regularly

A sump pump is like a silent protector that guards your home against water damage. Installed at the lowest point of the house, it sits in a pit that collects water seeping in from the rain and later pumps it out of your foundation through a pipe.

But just like any other machine, sump pumps can also wear down, erode, or gather debris over time. Inspecting it regularly helps you spot such issues before it malfunctions when you need it the most, i.e. during heavy rain.

Besides, this gives you peace of mind during a rainy day, as you know your sump pump works properly, and there is nothing to be concerned about.

Check For Gaps And Cracks

As a house settles over time, shifts in the foundation can cause gaps in the walls, floors, and other areas near windows and doors. Temperature changes can also cause building materials to expand and contract, which can create cracks around the home.

Rain looks for a way to seep into your home, and gaps or cracks are the perfect passage for it to do so. As water travels through these narrow areas, it pushes them wider and causes larger leaks over time.

Cracks and gaps can also trap moisture behind walls and ceilings. This trapped water paves the way for mold growth, rotting issues, and other structural damage.

Therefore, be sure to inspect your home routinely for gaps and cracks, get them fixed on time, and thus, prevent rainwater from becoming a costly problem down the road.

Waterproof The Exterior

Waterproofing the exterior is one of the best ways to prevent water damage caused by rain. As the name itself speaks, waterproofing keeps moisture at bay from your home. This helps prevent water from seeping into your property and affecting the structure by peeling the paint, allowing mold growth, and other damage.

There are a number of methods to waterproof your exterior. Such as:

➔   Liquid Coatings: These are paint-like applications that create a flexible, waterproofed thin sheet over the exterior of your home. They come in various colors and can be applied to most surfaces.

➔   Sealants: Sealants are used to fill cracks or gaps around windows, doors, and other opening areas of the home, as water usually flows through these passages.

➔   Waterproof Additives: If your home is under construction, you can add waterproofing admixtures with the concrete during the mixing stage to improve the concrete’s water aversion from the inside out.

Final Say!

A pleasant rainy day can enrich our lives. But as enjoyable as it seems, it is equally important to know the pitfalls of such amusing weather, particularly for your beautiful property.

Rain can deface your home in multiple ways. But the good thing is with a few key precautions, you can prevent water damage caused by rain effectively. So, make certain to follow those steps and ensure your home weathers the storm.

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