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Getting healthcare in today’s hectic world is now simpler and more convenient than before, thanks to telehealth apps. These cutting-edge apps allow patients to virtually communicate with medical professionals and receive a variety of services from the comfort of their own homes. It can be difficult to select the best telehealth app due to the abundance of options. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 telehealth apps, emphasizing their features, advantages, and unique qualities within the digital healthcare space, to make your decision-making process easier.

1. MyMedTell

The goal of is to make it easier for patients to obtain prescription medications. The platform has an established process in place that enables you to obtain an online prescription from a physician. Because doctors on MedTell can only write prescriptions based on the health and medical facts you submit, our step-by-step process needs your assistance.

Key Features:

Online consultations using the App
Automated symptom checker for individual evaluation

Treatment continuity with follow-up appointments

Availability of instructional materials and wellness initiatives

Why Opt for MyMedTell? 

The experts on our platform will carefully evaluate your symptoms after receiving your health and illness information before determining the best course of treatment for you. 

They will then recommend medication to aid you by that. They will also send you an email with a summary of the treatment.

2. Teladoc

A leader in the telehealth space, Teladoc offers board-certified physicians and specialists round-the-clock phone or video consultation services. Patients can get medical attention with Teladoc for non-emergency ailments like allergies, dermatological problems, and cold and flu symptoms.

Key Features:

Virtual visits available on demand

prescription-based services

assistance for mental health

Combining forces with insurers

Why Choose Teladoc:

Patients can be guaranteed timely and high-quality care with Teladoc’s user-friendly platform and extensive network of skilled healthcare professionals.

3. LiveHealth Online

Offering telehealth services for a variety of medical conditions, LiveHealth Online can help with minor ailments, medication refills, and mental health issues. Through secure video visits, patients can consult with board-certified physicians and therapists.

Key Features:

Virtual visits are available whenever needed for urgent care

Sessions of therapy and counseling for mental health

Services for managing prescriptions and refills

insurance protection for qualified individuals

Why Opt For LiveHealth Online: 

LiveHealth Online is a flexible choice for patients because it provides easy access to medical professionals and a range of medical and behavioral health services.

4. Amwell

Through video visits, Amwell provides patients with a wide range of telehealth services, including connecting them with licensed doctors, therapists, and specialists. Amwell offers a comprehensive range of medical and behavioral health services, ranging from mental health counseling to urgent care.

Key Features:

On-demand and scheduled appointments

Availability of experts in multiple domains

Encrypted messaging for aftercare

Integration of insurance for easy payment

Why Choose Amwell:

Amwell is a dependable option for people looking for easy-to-access healthcare solutions because of its wide range of services and qualified healthcare professionals.

5. Doctor on Demand

Overview: Virtual consultations with board-certified doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists are provided by Doctor on Demand. Through video visits, patients can receive mental health support, medical care for common illnesses, and management of chronic conditions.

Key Features:

Always available for urgent medical needs

Refilling prescriptions and managing medications

sessions of therapy for mental health issues

insurance protection for qualified individuals

Why Choose Doctor On Demand:

One notable feature of Doctor on Demand is its easy access to skilled therapists and psychiatrists, as well as its extensive range of mental health services.

6. MDLive

MDLive offers telehealth services for a variety of medical issues, such as dermatology, behavioral health, and general medicine. Through secure video visits, patients can consult with board-certified physicians and therapists.

Key Features:

Online consultations for medical problems that are not emergencies

Dermatology services for rashes and skin ailments

sessions of therapy to support mental health

Services for managing prescriptions and refills

Why Choose MDLive:

With its comprehensive array of medical and behavioral health services and user-friendly platform, MDLive provides a seamless telehealth experience.

7. PlushCare

For primary care needs, such as managing chronic conditions, treating cold and flu symptoms, and preventive care, PlushCare provides virtual appointments with leading American physicians. Through secure video visits, patients can receive individualized medical care and treatment plans.

Key Features:

appointments for urgent care on the same day

Treatment continuity with follow-up appointments

Integration with significant insurers

Having access to a network of knowledgeable medical experts

Why Opt for PlushCare? 

The emphasis that PlushCare places on treatment plans that are customized to meet the needs of each patient and continuity of care makes it stand out.

8. BetterHelp

BetterHelp is a well-known online counseling service that links people seeking counseling and mental health support with certified therapists. Treatment sessions are convenient and easily accessible for patients because they can be accessed by phone, video, or messaging.

Key Features:

private counseling sessions with certified counselors

Options for flexible scheduling and communication

Plans for therapy services that are reasonably priced

programs of specialized therapy for particular issues

Why Choose BetterHelp: 

For those in need of mental health support, BetterHelp provides easy access to licensed therapists and a nurturing atmosphere.

9. Lemonaid Health

For primary care needs, such as medical consultations, prescription refills, and lab test orders, Lemonaid Health provides telehealth services. Through the Lemonaid Health app, patients can get individualized treatment plans and consultations with skilled medical professionals.

Key Features:

Virtual consultations with licensed physicians and nurse practitioners

Prescription services and drug distribution

Orders for lab tests and post-test care

Reasonably priced medical services

Why Choose Lemonaid Health: 

Lemonaid Health is a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality healthcare because it offers easy and reasonably priced access to primary care services.

10. HeyDoctor by GoodRx

HeyDoctor by GoodRx provides telehealth services for a range of medical needs, such as mental health, sexual health, and primary care. Through secure video visits, patients can consult with skilled physicians and nurse practitioners and receive customized treatment plans.

Key Features:

Online consultations for common health concerns

Prescription services and drug distribution

consultations and treatment for sexual health

Referrals for therapy and mental health support

Why Choose HeyDoctor By GoodRx:

HeyDoctor by GoodRx offers patients accessible and reasonably priced healthcare solutions by fusing prescription savings with telehealth services.


With the ability to provide patients with high-quality, convenient, and accessible healthcare services from the comfort of their homes, telehealth apps have completely changed the way that people receive medical care. Patients can select the telehealth app that best suits their needs and preferences from a variety of options available. These leading telehealth apps offer dependable and practical options for people who want to put their health and wellbeing first, whether they’re looking for preventive care, mental health assistance, or medical treatment.
For more insights into telehealth and digital healthcare innovations, visit MyMedTell.

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