Find Your Dream Driver Job in Dubai

Find Your Dream Driver Job in Dubai

Criteria for Dubai Taxi Drivers: Are You Qualified?

If you are physically fit, have proper vision, and good reflexes, have some education, and have driving experience with road ethics you can drive a taxi in Dubai and make a living there.

Types of Driver Eligibility Criteria in Dubai 

You can find different driver jobs in Dubai such as home driver, taxi driver, company driver, school bus driver, public transport driver (Bus), heavy vehicle driver, etc. Driver vacancies in Dubai are always open and Dubai also has a big network of buses run by the Roads and Transports Authority (RTA), and you must acquire a heavy driver’s license and permit to work from Dubai RTA.

Some rules require set hours, while others might involve shifts, especially for drivers working with taxi companies like Dubai Taxi or Careem.  To find your ideal fit, you can search for job openings online on different Dubai job portals or check out newspapers like Gulf News and Khaleej Times, etc.

Read on to learn the different kinds of driver jobs, types of driving licenses, and procedures to get the licenses for working in different transport sectors in Dubai.

House Driver Jobs in Dubai

For applying for a home driver job in Dubai, a light motor vehicle driving license is necessary, which makes you qualified to legally drive vehicles such as cars, vans, etc. The reason for a house driver is to work as a personal driver or sometimes as a chaperone for families, drive family members to their workplaces, children to schools and shopping to family members, etc.

To secure a light motor vehicle driving license apply driver vacancy in Dubai, and you must be 18 years old, and pass the driving license test from a govt approved driving school in Dubai. Dubai is currently providing a lot of job openings for house drivers, showing a high demand for domestic drivers in the city. 

Dubai Welcomes Drivers

Explore the vibrant city of Dubai, a hotspot for professional drivers offering numerous career pathways for those dedicated to the driving profession. Whether you aspire to transport VIPs in luxurious settings or play a crucial role in maintaining the city’s logistical operations, Dubai provides an ideal job for every driver.

Expansive Opportunity: With its growing economy and rapidly developing urban areas, Dubai continuously seeks skilled drivers and driver vacancies in Dubai are always open for a variety of roles. Driver vacancy in Dubai The city’s employment spectrum spans taxi services, ride-sharing platforms, and large logistics companies, catering to all levels of experience and expertise.

On a Final Note

There’s a variety of driver careers Dubai offers to job seekers based on their driving experience and the type of license they have. Based on your experience you could apply for a suitable driving license to work. For example, family drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, etc.

If you looking for a taxi driver in the UAE, So, please make sure that you know about applications like Uber, Careem, etc. Also, You have a knowledge of all the traffic rules and regulations in Dubai.

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