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How To Have A Smooth Move with Junk Removal Services

Junk Removal Company

Moving is always a difficult job after all, packing every content of your from every little drawer, shelf and table is not the easiest job in the world. While you can hire a Junk Removal Company to help with loading and transportation, a host of chores before and after needs to be planned. And let’s not forget that that part is one of the most difficult parts of moving!

Sorting your items, planning which item goes in which box, which item can be stored with which items, labelling them, and prioritizing the boxes in order of unboxing are all very complicated. It is so much work that it can even put one off the whole fun of moving itself!

Moving home is highly exciting and fun, except for certain unfortunate scenarios. Yet it is still fun to plan your life, organize your home and look forward to a new place and phase! Only if packing everything was equally fun, right? In reality, it is often not as fun, and even if it is, it does not remain fun for long. But that is only if you jump in completely unprepared.

As long as you prepare well and have professional Junk Removal Services planned, it will be easy peasy lemon squeezy! So let’s take a look at how to plan and work through every process to make the whole job easier on you.

Strategy And Planning

Any time you move, or even travel, the first should always be planning and strategizing. You should first take into account the home you are moving into. Visit the home and take measurements of every wall and the width and length of every corridor so that you plan your packing and unpacking and set up accordingly. Take measurements of your console table, tv table, shelves and any other furniture you will be taking to your new home. You should also get Junk Removal Services for the furniture that you will replace with a new one in your new home.

Junk hauling and removal companies may also provide other services, such as packing and unpacking, so you should see if that service interests you. If you prefer to handle both personally, you only need them for moving.

The Most Important Step: Declutter

There is only so much of your old furniture that you will want to take to your new home. So decluttering is always essential. During the packing, you will find many of your belongings that were lost or useless and more. It can be confusing to define which pile (donate/junk/new home) they should go into while you are in the process of packing. Because of this, you should take the time to declutter before you begin packing.

Declutter all your belongings and organize them ahead of packing. Additionally, take some time to consider which of the items you truly want to take into your new home. Clothes, jewellery and some other items you haven’t used in the last 6 months to 2 or 3 years are not necessities, so you should consider placing them in the donation or junk pile.

In this step, you need to be completely honest with yourself to truly know whether you should keep an item or not.

Donation And Junk Removal Services

When we pack for a move, we will be faced with many articles that we don’t want in our new home or are junk. Many people make a major mistake in this regard: they pack these doubtful items anyways and decide to think about them in their new home. This is a huge mistake as you are simply taking things that you don’t need at all. Instead, you can look for things that you don’t want or are unsure about (if you are not sure, think if it is replaceable or not in the future if you need them) but are in good condition, and you can donate them.

Your Junk Removal Company will be more than happy to donate these on your behalf.


Once the above steps are complete, you can take a little break and start packing your things. Sort the junk and donatable items in the garage or similar area so you can hire Junk Removal Services to come to remove them with ease. This will also leave you enough room to pack and set boxes around your house while packing. With that, you can now begin packing.

Use protective padding and bubble wrap for delicate items such as glassware, dinner sets, electronics, mirrors, lighting fixtures, etc. Also, remember not to pack too many books in one box as it can be too heavy to handle, even for the Moving or Junk Removal Company.

Diligence is highly important – you should be diligent in ensuring that the people performing this service for you will not be overburdened.

Final Touches

As you are packing and taping everything up, label the cartons and write down what they contain. You can also find labelling stickers in stationary, arts and crafts stores or online. They come in a range of sizes and you can buy a few different ones once so that you can label them accordingly.

For instance, if your dinner set is packed with coffee mugs, you can make a list on the label so you will know which ones should be opened first. Moreover, for glassware and other delicates, make sure to label the right side up as well. Unnecessarily rolling it around, even if they are not thrown here and there, can damage the items.

Be sure to be around while the moving company loads and unloads your belongings. This way, you can guide them to place the boxes in the right rooms in your new home and make unpacking easy.


Every move can be easy as long as you plan and prepare for it. Take stock of your items, declutter, organize, donate, throw away junk and then pack to make it all easy and smooth. Secondly, you should hire a Junk Removal Company such as Haul Buddy to help you with moving, donating and disposing of the junk. This all-in-one service will make the move fun and easy.

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