Which Procedure Is Best For Treating Varicose Veins?

People who are suffering from varicose vein disease should always look for several treatment options before getting the treatment done. Having a list of treatment options can help you in comparing and finalizing the best options for your varicose veins. Many people think there are only a few treatments available for varicose veins which makes them avoid varicose veins treatment. In this article, we have written down almost every treatment option which is available in medical history for treating vein disorder. If you are suffering from varicose veins then you should know reading this article till the end will be a help for you so do make sure and read this entire article thoroughly. 


What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are those veins that are large and twisted that appear on legs. These veins generally cause itchiness and heavy legs. The cause of varicose veins is due to improper blood circulation in valves which leads to blood clots. 

What are the treatment options for varicose veins?

We have mentioned some medically proven effective treatment options for varicose veins below including:

  1. Sclerotherapy
  2. Foam sclerotherapy 
  3. Laser treatment
  4. Radiofrequency or laser energy
  5. High ligation and vein stripping
  6. Ambulatory phlebectomy
  7. Endoscopic vein surgery. 

These are some medically proven effective treatments of varicose veins that you may find in vein clinics. 

What is the best treatment for veins?

We have asked the best vein specialist and found sclerotherapy is the most effective and common treatment for treating varicose veins and spider veins. Many vein experts have suggested preferring sclerotherapy treatment when it comes to treating. Sclerotherapy is the safest option recommended by many dermatologists for treating smaller varicose veins. 


Should you treat varicose veins early?

Have varicose veins in legs for a long time? If it has been more than 6 to 12 months and has varicose veins then you should require an immediate visit to a vein doctor. Many people don’t know what is the right time to treat varicose veins. But then it is suggested by experts that if you are suffering from varicose vein disease then you should not avoid the treatment in the initial stage; it can deliver many other serious health complications if left untreated. 

What are the treatments of varicose veins that you can do at home?

If you have tiny varicose veins then these veins can be treated at home by following some of these steps mentioned below so do make sure of reading these steps carefully:

  • Exercising regularly can help in curing veins 
  • Wearing compression stockings regularly will build pressure on the legs which help in opening blood close 
  • You should change your diet by adding more fiber 
  • A patient of the varicose vein should always be dehydrated 
  • Avoid tight clothing will be best for curing veins 
  • You should always avoid sitting and standing for prolonged hours 


We hope you liked this article and it was a help for you in knowing about the different treatment options to treat varicose veins. If you are someone not able to understand these treatments mentioned above then you can visit our website for consulting the best vein specialist. For contacting the vein specialist you can visit our website and book an appointment. 

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