Pro Ana sites are sensitive. They give tips especially for girls who want to lose a lot of weight, so that they are actually no longer healthy. They often lose a lot of weight and try to hide this in all kinds of ways. On pro ana sites you can find all kinds of pro ana diet tips and tricks. A proposal was recently made in the second chamber to ban pro ana sites. At this point, however, they may still exist. Below I will describe what you can find on such websites and show a piece of a random site.


For starters, you can find pro ana diet tips, some of which I’ll list below. You can also find thinspiration, which are photos or videos of very thin girls and models. They are a source of inspiration for other girls who want to be thin. In addition, you have all kinds of tips for hiding your food, how much exercise you should have and a section with all kinds of prescribed diets. For example, you have a 50-day diet, but also a 30-day diet.

Sometimes there are experiences of girls on it, why they want to be so thin. Often because they think they can belong to a group or become more popular. Others find the right thing to be a form of control over their own bodies. Perfectionism also often plays a role.


Below are tips that can be found on pro ana sites, I’ll comment on them in italics.

  1. Tip 1. Drink a lot of tea. Choose especially green tea because it stimulates fat burning. In addition, tea gives a full feeling and it is tasty. So just drink a cup of green tea before exercising. I have heard this tip before and it is not necessarily pro ana.
  2. Never skip your breakfast. If you don’t eat anything you will be hungry all day and have trouble sticking to your diet. It is possible to eat little, for example only 1 biscuit. Also an often heard tip, indeed never skip your breakfast, but do like to eat a nutritious breakfast with, for example, oatmeal or yogurt.
  3. Don’t weigh yourself too often in a day. Only do it in the morning. If you just drink a glass of water, you will gain weight. This can be a trigger to exercise more or become desperate. I would say weighing once a week at the same time is enough.
  4. Never bulge after your meal. Take a walk or do the housework. This will keep your combustion going. Also occurs in several diets as a tip, not necessarily to be called pro ana.
  5. Exercising immediately when you get up is best for burning fat. Then you haven’t eaten anything yet, so your body can do nothing but burn fat. This tip is indeed correct if you want to train dry, so you want to achieve the lowest possible fat content. This is often done by athletes, but it is difficult to sustain for a longer period of time.
  6. Always sit in your chair with your back straight. That way you burn more calories! No idea if it’s right, you may have to contract a little more muscle, but this won’t burn much more fat.
  7. Serve your meal on a small plate. Then it immediately seems as if you are eating more. This may be true, it is a psychological effect that you always want to eat your plate empty. So if you take a smaller plate, you will indeed eat less.
  8. Don’t use the same excuse too often to get out of dinner. This seems obvious, but it often goes wrong. Just pay attention, it is best to keep a list of what you have said so that you do not slip. You can see from this that getting thin is really a disease at a certain moment, if you even start making lists of exactly what you have said, you are so preoccupied with it and it starts to become an obsession.
  9. Keep a food diary! It works very well to see how you are progressing with weight loss and if you have a hard time, you can read back. Then you read again how many kilos you have lost lately and that is very motivating. I always have a notebook next to my bed. Tracking and seeing your progress is motivating for everyone, not necessarily pro ana girls.
  10. Tell as few people as possible about Pro Ana. If, like me, you’re a bit of a fagot, join a Pro Ana forum, then you can tell your story to these people. It’s way too risky to let people you know in real life share your secret. This is not part of just losing weight, normally you don’t make a secret of it and people from your environment support you in your weight loss attempt. Joining a forum is usually done openly. Pro ana forums are often private.
  11. Do not drink alcohol, this converts food into fat tissue faster and inhibits combustion. Drinking can make it harder for you to stick to your diet. As far as I’m concerned, alcohol really doesn’t fit in a diet.
  12. Losing weight becomes easier if you look at it by week. Do you have dinner over the weekend? Then try to ‘save’ some calories in the days before. Then you can enjoy that meal more easily. After all, you know you’ve saved calories. It’s a lot harder to cut down after that dinner because it makes you feel guilty. On the one hand, balance days and correction days fit within a diet, but if you plan in this way in advance, it means that you are very busy with weight loss.
  13. Always keep your eyes open when you are at school, for example. There are plenty of thin girls out there who can inspire you and keep you from stuffing yourself. Looking for thinspiration is not part of dieting in a normal way. Thinspiration are very thin models, not just people in size 36 or 38, they often have size 32 or 34 and ribs are visible, for example.
  14. Eat slowly, your brain is full after 20 minutes of eating. Only then will the feeling of hunger disappear. You can also eat a cup of soup or a salad first, then you will have the feeling that you are full. This is true and also applies to people who follow a normal diet.


 Pro ana websites are not recommended for young girls. There are tips on how to lose a lot of weight. They want to become unhealthy thin, which can be harmful to health. As a parent, you should pay attention to whether your child does not suddenly lose a lot of weight and which sites are visited on the internet. If a lot of excuses are suddenly made up, your child suddenly stops eating or much less, then it is important to pay attention. 

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