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Winning Combination – Travel & Sport


When it comes to the ancient pursuit of getting better at something, travelling seems to be an activity that often goes hand in hand with honing your skills and finding new challenges well away from your comfort zone. For example, you can get only so good at kung fu and other Chinese martial arts if you just sit at home and hack away at your punching bag in hope of becoming Bruce Lee some day. Should you care to join a Shaolin monastery, however, you’ll put yourself in a position to learn much more and advance much further with your martial arts skills than you previously thought possible! (This approach would, of course, include a bunch of bald men beating the bejesus out of your sorry bottom every single day, but hey – do you want to become good or not?)

In this article, we’ll talk about an exquisite sport that perhaps isn’t as violent as kung fu, but can certainly get quite heated provided you find yourself matching competition! That’s right, the leisurely sport of golf is also one of the activities that can make or break a sportsperson in you. Similarly to other sports, to get good at it – you need plenty of practice.  Now, what better way to expand your horizons and improve your golfing game than travelling the globe in search of a perfect golf pitch!

Travel & Sport

So, in this piece, we’ll list some of the most exciting golf courses in the world, as well as give some explanation as to why you’d want to traverse the world in order to find them! Without further ado, here’s the deal.

Advantages of Pairing up Travelling and Sports

To be fair, the idea of travelling abroad in search of a neatly-looking playing field or a highly-respectable club might seem a tad counter intuitive at first. Why leave your local gym or playing field just so you can practice your shots at a fancy golf resort? Well, here’s the rub. By simply staying where you are, you might be honing your skills, but at the same time, you’re missing the chance to pick up the brains of other avid golfers across the world and learn things you couldn’t have figured out yourself!

Here are some general benefits of travelling for purposes of sports and leisure:

  • Skill Improvement – No matter how good you are, you can always become even better at what you’re doing if you only find it in your heart to go out of your comfort zone and experience the open world outside! When golf is in question, different courses filled with interesting natural obstacles will make you adapt your swings and shots so that you can tackle them. Thus, your golfing strike arsenal will grow and you’ll be well-prepared to playing on any sort of golf pitch a tournament may throw at you! (If you’re just a beginner, taking some golf video lessons before you start practising for real can be a great idea.)
  • Teaches You Time Management – That’s right and this one’s more important than you may think! For an athlete, creating a viable schedule and then sticking to it can be quite a difficult thing to do at times. Now, it goes without saying, of course, that travelling requires an impeccable time management plan, so other than getting better at the game of golf, learning how to juggle different time slots and practising routines will certainly be a valuable lesson for a future top-tier golfer!
  • Meeting New Exciting People – If your golfing competitions usually include only your local Buds and Bobs, chances are- you’re not going to grow much as a player. Even though you shouldn’t disregard your friends in favour of exotic destinations and people, you should seek to surround yourself with sportspeople who are going to challenge you and from whom you can learn something new about the game.

The best way to approach this, of course, is to go on the road and start playing against golfers across the world! So, you get to get better at your game AND meet new exciting folks – what’s not to love?

Best Golf Courses Around the World

Here are a couple of the best golf courses currently in the world. Located in different countries and within different environments, these venues are one-of-a-kind golfing hubs that offer the very best playing fields, as well as accommodations for golfers!

3) Ghala Golf Club, Oman

Situated on a small patch o’ oasis in the country of Oman, the Ghala Golf Club is a unique golfing spot that offers a large course and scenic surroundings. The whole course was designed by one Bill Longmuir, a British golfer and it is this particular venue that was chosen as the spot for the Oman National Championship from the year 1970 onwards! Goes to show how beloved this place is among local golfers.

2) Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore

Within the Singaporean Sentosa golf club, there are two different golf courses. One is called Serapong and the other one is Tanjong (the newer one), and both represent a breathtaking patch of greenery in the mostly urban-looking city-state of Singapore. An interesting thing about the older course- Serapong is that it was used as the main course for the world-renown Singapore Open. (We aren’t sure about the appetizer, though.)

Travel & Sport

1) Hamilton Island Golf Club, Australia

No adventure-bound golf voyage in the Land Down Under should ever miss the world-renown Hamilton Island Golf Club! Designed by Peter Thomson, a famous golfer and a British Open winner, the courses offered by this golf club feature curiously-positioned holes that stretch across a hilly patch o’ land. Every new swing is going to be properly challenging, no doubt about it!

All things considered, pursuing a path of frequent expeditions abroad combined with a burning desire to excel at the game of golf can lead you into some unforgettable adventures! We hope you found this article helpful, wish you the best of luck with your golfing efforts and may you never get strangled by the red tape or other forms of irritating travel-related bureaucracy!

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