Who is this?

Who is this?

He wants to take power during economic turmoil, while promising hope for the nation’s future.

Wants to clamp down on big business.

Blames all the problems on those who are successful, saying they’re greedy and selfish and their wealth needs to be Robin Hooded away from them and given to others not as fortunate.

Proclaims that the evils of capitalism led to the current economic crisis, saying that the current system exploits the “economically weak”.

Gives speeches where, no matter the actual words or topics, people leap to their feet, yelling and screaming in praise.  He uses specifically chosen words and catchy phrases to excite the masses, while offering no real solution.

Accuses opponents of being right extremists who will increase the wealth gap to maintain control over the working class.

Appeals largely to the young, ignorant, and impressionable population.

Mandates that citizens have a requirement of civil service.

Wants tighter gun control.

Grew up in a country other than the one in which he wants to rule.

Wants innovation to originate from government, rather than from the private sector.


If you said either Adolf Hitler or Barack Hussein Obama you would be correct. 

Now I’m not saying that Barack Hussein Obama is the same as Adolf Hitler, they’re actually quite different.  Here are some ways one candidate differs from the other:

Favors merit over Equality.

Favors competition over cooperation.

Strong military.

Realism over idealism.

Nationalism over internationalism.

Against all inclusiveness.

Common sense over theory.

Pragmatism over principle.

Acknowledgement that the government and the Church needs to have a relationship.           

These are just some of the views that Hitler had, and not Obama.

barack obama hitler
barack obama hitler


Barack Obama Socialism

Barack Obama Socialism

45 thoughts on “Who is this?

  1. Its amazing how scarred the right wing conservatives and the rich are afraid of loosing power. Its also amazing how the middle class conservatives believe the bull that McCain spews about how he will cut taxes on corporations and “don’t worry it will eventually trickle down to you” if you believe that bull I have some bridges that I would love to sell to you. Its a fact that in the last 7.5 years the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer you cant dispute the numbers. And all this was predicted when George Bush took office.

    Joseph Salamones last blog post..Are Your Vehicle s Rim s Hurting Its Look at [site]

  2. Relative cohort inequity decreased markedly, with the poor improving their position much faster than the rich. Relative percentile inequity increased slightly. In terms of buying power, both the poor cohort and the poor percentile became significantly wealthier. These data indicate that the view that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is clearly over-generalised.

    Devin Peppers last blog post..Obama to McCain: Say It to My Face at [site]

  3. There have always been poor people, there has always been rich people, that will never change! If Obama gets elected, it will be He that improves his life, not the rest of us. Taking from the wealthy and giving it to the poor only works in the story books, in reality, the poor cannot handle being wealthy, they would waste whatever Uncle Obama sent them in Welfare, the same as they always have, otherwise they too would be rich!

    CarpetGuys last blog post..If Barack Obama Does not Scare you, maybe you are someone I should be scared of? at [site]

  4. Who is this?

    She’s never had to work a real job in her life.
    She published a book under a fraudelent name, with a fraudulent backstory, and with fraudelent motives.
    Her profile and posts on this site are as fact based as her book.
    Oprah used to be her only black friend.
    Her sister actually has integrity.

    Now I’m not saying that Margaret Jones the South Central Bloods banger/daughter of a member of British Parliament is the same as Margaret Seltzer the rich Episcopalian San Fernando brat.

    Or am I?

  5. Margaret – you are one misinformed little girl. You illustrate your ignorance when you compare Obama with Adolph Hitler. I am old enough to remember Hitler and I do find a similarity between him and persons like yourself. You need to take a good look again at the picture you posted of Hitler, with the caption “YES WE CAN” – it is Sarah Palin who has said more than once, “Yes we can!” So, who is the Hitler look-alike? Who, like Hitler, would like her own way regardless of the consequences or of the harm to others? Who does not practice what she preaches? She cannot even agree with her running mate. She’s another mixed-up little girl, a lot like you.

  6. No, no what I love is how you believe that Obama WON’T raise taxes. Either candidate will have to, either way. Barack Obama im sure is a nice person but he is to similar to Hitler and I don’t want history to repeat itself. Notice I said similar not the same.

  7. Listen, all i’m saying is that the people of Germany followed Hitler blindly because he told them what tey wanted and look what happened. I wouldn’t always trust what’s sparkly and new.

    A far left Media …
    A far left President …
    A far left Congress …
    A far left Senate …
    A far left Supreme Court …
    This would eliminate all the checks and
    balances that our democracy is based upon.
    Barack Obama formed his political and economic
    ideology, and his radical associations, during the
    TWENTY YEARS … yes, that’s TWENTY YEARS … when
    he followed Marxist Black Liberation Theology, in
    Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American, racist church.
    And, now, with our country on the brink of depression,
    Obama wants to impose new laws which would change
    America into a third world country.
    You may be upset with George Bush, but in spite
    of Obama’s slogans, John McCain is NOT George Bush …
    so don’t over react to Obama’s 600 million dollar
    Propaganda campaign designed to highjack America !!!
    A vote for Obama is a vote for changing America beyond
    recognition … and, it would be a vote for voter fraud,
    a corrupt media, socialism, and the end to America as we know it.
    Keep America free, strong, safe, and American …
    Elect McCain/Palin on November 4th.

  9. I don’t believe in either of the two party system right now. I think the only way for our country to improve is to publicize the other independent parties out there . Both the republicans and democrats are going spend frivolously on nothing and still not make the serious changes this country needs. I just hate it when people say that they not going to even look at any other candidates because “they have no chance”. The reason they have no chance is because people continue to say stuff like that. It’s time to start picking a candidate that you actually like and not settling for the lesser of two evils.

  10. There are truly somethings of likeness between Obama and Hitler. The time and state of affairs in our country are one. Depression has it’s grip on our country, and small town America. We the People are at most of the blame, our life styles are very wrong in the way we think. We buy things we can’t afford, and banking knows we can’t pay for these things but will give us the money anyway. We are a very greedy country and we’re always trying to outdo the next person. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS and You won’t find yourselves in this mess.

    My question if Obama raised so much money…180million and counting why not give some of that money to those people who are in foreclosure. Spread it around 10,000 dollars a family in foreclosure would go along way for votes(this is only money given out of money given to him).

  11. Oh? And when was the last time a poor person employed you?

    Clearly, the wealth does trickle down, because you get paid by business owners, or you own a business and pay your employees.

  12. Obama’s gestures in his rhetoric are Hitler’s gestures. Both raise their right arm and the crowd are mesmerised and raise their faces and arms accordingly. Both are forty four when they had their break through into international power. Both come from a background inimical to Jewish financial interests. Both are probably Jews. Hitler as the genius propaganidst Goebbles, Obama has Ayers. Both attract crowds of hundreds of thousands in Berlin even before winning executive power. Possibly no other secular leaders in history have ever been able to do that. Both rail against a plutocracy they denounce as parasitical. For Jew in the mid nineteenth century, read corporation in the twenty first. Both are ill at ease in a small group, charismatic in a crowd. Both spread the word to a receptive world audience of change and a new beginning yet have no clear agenda. Both have some suspect relations. Both claim roots in the peasantry. Both fathers died when they were young. Both fathers wee drunkards. They were brought up by mothers they adored. Both believed when they wee children that they would lead their countries.

  13. Obama, win or loose, is a looser of a candidate. If there were any hope the Democrat candidate would be a good President, he’d be ahead in the polls by 70/30. Unfortunately, the two party system is what we have. A non-vote for McCain is a vote for Obama. We tried otherwise in 1992 and 1996, and look where that got us.

  14. wouldn’t most of these comparisons apply to Jesus too.

    you folks need to grow up. Hitler’s power also came from the hysteria of the likes of you.

  15. I readily admit that Obama’s checkered association with some older associates is troublesome.

    But I’m willing to give him a chance. I think after six months, we’ll all get a better idea if he’s all facts or facade. Hopefully, the former.

    Ed Harris

  16. Wow! This was a much needed read. It’s gonna be a scary scary four years. I hope that the similarities turn out to bogus as Obama has always scared me. During hard times, people make stupid voting decisions. Let’s hope this socialistic experiment will not create the problems that it could.

  17. I think your full of it, you are obviously not a lower class citizen or even in the middle class quartile. Your are a fashcist un-American pig. The rich do not help out our economy, it is built on the working class not the lavishly rich “educated” fools who would rather give million dollars to drug cartels in south Africa to get a tax cut rather then donating 100$ to our starving population, you are a sick sick man.

  18. Obama = worse than Hitler! Amirite?

    Sigh. Biased propaganda fails. I thought the liberals’ intolerance of Bush was as bad as blind disapproval of a leader could possibly get. But now it looks like the conservatives are attempting to one-up the competition in degree of ridiculousness.

    Bush as a man did NOT end up ultimately destroying us. Obama won’t either.

  19. the similarities between obama and hitler are crazy to think about! i have been thinkin bout this even before i saw this blog and i agree. if you take hitler’s speaches and change “jew” with “middle class” u have the same exact speach. even there childhood and how they grew up are scarcely alike. i even did a report on the similarities and differences between 1929 Greremy and 2009 u.s and my teacher was amazed.

  20. wait a second, what was that part about OBAMA and not supporting a strong army? you, sir, are uninformed. What do you think the Obama’s “Civil Defense Program” will be used for? google “Obama’s Civil Defense Program” – you will see. He is building a second army. He is basically trying to double our military. TRUST ME there are no “similarities”, he’s just an EXACT COPY!

  21. “Bush as a man did NOT end up ultimately destroying us. Obama won’t either.” – hmm…. good point, NOT! what is wrong with you? are you blind. Roosevelt said it himself, “In politics nothing happens by accident, if it happens it was planned that way.”. Bush was not “destroying us”, he was “preparing us”, for OBAMA. he set it up so that we would need someone to come in with “Hope” and all that bullshit, and so we would not vote for Mccain. The two (major) partys are only major because of the MEDIA (that THEY OWN). They are most likely working toghether. why? idk? why do companies sell the SAME EXACT PRODUCT in two different packages and one costs half the price (one is sold as “Generic” , the other as “Brand Name”)? because it works! either way, you are purchasing from them, its all marketing, just like the election.

  22. My mother grew up in the Third Reich under Hitler. She says Obama’s policies make her blood run cold, it’s just like being back in 1938 in the Sudetenland. No one was permitted to have guns: the SS went door to door to force people into public service – my grandfather was forced to shovel snow for Hitler’s government, my uncle was forced to attend Hitler Youth. No one was permitted to listen to the radio station of their choice: SS officers drove around neighborhoods with special radios to pick up what station was being played in the home – if that station was from a non-German station, people wen to the concentration camp (this of course is not occurring right now, but tightening the gun contol policies sure is; In England my British friends say they are not permitted to have guns, yet the criminals have them – so if you meet up with a criminal, look out you will be shot and can not defend yourself – that’s socialism for you!) Every time Obama gives a speach, they scream and shout just like they did for Hitler; He wants to take over health care, the banks have been taken over in part by Obama, some auto manufacturers which “we the people” technically own yet we can not get our stock options turned into cash, but our taxes will go to pay for these companies…it’s very socialistic.

    Hitler’s government was called Socialistic. Much of Europe is socialistic now. Will America become this way? In Brittan, Canada and Austrailia you have to wait for months to get medical treatment that you would get immediately here in the states. Most of my British friends have no teeth, or have to endure root canals for every tooth they have…I’m sorry, but I’ll stick with what we have now. I do not want a remake of Hitler’s Germany even if it is a “friendly” version. I do not want to be a socialist. I do not want someone else to pick my health care. Obama is making friends with our enemies while insulting our political friends, our allies. He has not responded to Korea’s launch of missles toward’s Hawaii. Please, if you have not LIVED IN HITLER’S GERMANY, THEN DO NOT claim that Obama’s plans are not like Hitler’s – they are, and those who ENDURED THE HELL OF HITLER recognize the similarities. If you havent’ walked the walk…..don’t pretend to be an expert. Instead ask someone who lived in Hitler’s Germany if there are similarities and take their word – there is no way on earth you could know what it was like living under the Third Reich. You have no right to say how it was then or how it compares to now, because you DO NOT KNOW.

  23. p.s. Why is Obama’s wife wearing $600.00 tennis shoes and toting a $3000.00 purse to Africa when we are supposed to be (under the Obama plan) redistributing wealth? Shouldn’t Michelle Obama at least donate her expensive things after she uses them to an auction so that they can bring money to help the very poor that are supposed to be receiving the redistribution of wealth? How about those expensive air line flights just for dinner? How do the Obama’s justify this while telling us to redistribute wealth? Whose wealth? Ours and not theirs. This reeks of the Russian “Nomenclatura” class, where the common folk stand in line for 3rd rate toilet paper and bologna, while the Nomenclatura get champaign and caviar in stores that only they are permitted to enter. Yes we can go into the same stores as the Obama’s but we can not afford to purchase these things. If wealth is truely going to be redistributed, it is time for the Obama’s to set the example and begin giving. I don’t mind at all that they look and dress well – they have to or they will appear to be fools in the midst of other rulers – but when they are done, they should do something with these objects to help the less fortunate, as their plan states. I obviously do not know the budget and the mind-set of the Obama’s when they go shopping, and I hope that they are the first to stand by their plan to redistribute wealth. ON the other hand, if I were president, maybe I’d want to live it up with my family and spend everything, after all, becoming president (really a king) is very rare and most Americans would never get to do that; So maybe for the 4 or 8 years they are in, they may as well have fun and spend everything on the best luxury items in the land, and no I am not being facetious – I really think they need to enjoy being royalty; But I hope that after they have enjoyed things they should opt to auction things off and help the poor. Had I been elected president, I would first and foremost, not take any salary, and only have grocery money; Stores could donate me my clothing which I would in turn, auction off to pay for the national debt – that’s because I love my country and live in the same income bracket as everyone else, and know how it is to have tough financial times. I could not seriously spend $600bucks on tennish shoes, I never have, I always get the $14.00 ones at Walmart, the generic version. But how do you be a leader of a nation and at the same time live on a tight budget, will other national leaders make fun of you for doing that? Maybe…

  24. One thing you need to remember is that as a Nazi, Hitler was a fascist (he created his party like the movement that was going on in Italy). On the political spectrum, fascism is on the far-right, not the far left, where socialism and communism are located. So if you are insistant on calling Obama a socialist, you can’t call him a Nazi either. In fact, Hitler had a great hatred for the communists/socialists in the Soviet Union. Get your facts right before you call Hitler a socialist, which he definentaly was not!

  25. I think and make decisions on logic, not emotions. Logic tells me, Where was all this opposition when Bush was using the Bill of Rights as toilet paper. (i.e. the passing of the Patriot Act). It clearly violates the Geneva Convention article on torture, and reverses 4 components of the Bill of rights protecting the rights to privacy of Americans. We finally get somneone that is smart, ambitious and wants to get things done on a schedule. Now people are freaking out!? Any University Professor in Speech classes will tell you that the minute you have to bring up hitler and Nazi references in a debate, you’ve lost. Its weak, its uneducated and it proves that you are not prepared to discuss the matter is a educated and well informed manner.

  26. Both parties are out to destroy this country. One just wants to do it faster than the other. Government is not the solution, they are the problem.

  27. Unfortunately, we have two bad presidents in a row. Both spend money with both hands and have done nothing to help prepare us for a fiscally sound future. Anybody who is defending this current administration is simply lost in the weeds.

  28. lol kyle, socialism and communism are far right ideas, come on child spend 4 minutes and look up the definition of these two ideas before running your glib mouth, the Right is for personal responsibility, freedom, rights and small government which are the exact opposite of what you “feel” socialism and communism mean, see when the government controls what people do, where they work, what they are paid, where they live, how they live and so on you would be thinking of the far left not the far Right silly
    And Yes Ken bringing up Hitler and his National Socialist Party is most of the time a weak argument ending thing to do, but not when it is true. Read “Mien Kampf” and read “dreams of my father” which is funny since obama never knew his alcoholic deadbeat dad, to see the fact that both “men” share very similar beliefs and hate.
    It is very sad and pathetic to watch the liberals continue to pretend that obama is anything but a huge disaster. Trillions wasted, economy in ruins, Americas enemies being thrilled at the weakening US and a government hell bent on complete domination of the people. By the way. The youngsters on the left that blame Bush for the current economy have not the slightest idea what they “feel” to be the cause. Obama along with ACORN protested two banks in Chicago who were trying to merge. The merger would make it possible for them to not have to handout home loans to deadbeats who couldn’t qualify for a cell phone. Obama was a huge supporter of the lefts forcing of private lenders to give high risk sub prime loans to low credit, low income bums. Bush tried to put a stop to this but was met with cries of homophobia and hate towards the poor by the likes of barney frank and other liberals like…you guessed it, obama.
    Hitler meddled in the private sector, stealing money and rights from those who had earned it and used the wealth to build a bigger and stronger government. Humm, sounds exactly like our little illegal boy who hijacked the White House a year ago.
    The hyper violent, scandalous, hate filled and driven liberals are truly mentally ill. Unfortunately no amount of “free” health care will fix them.

  29. Some historians believe that Adolf Hitler was a Jew. There claims are based on the fact that his grandmother, from father side, was unmarried and worked as a maid for a rich Jewish family.
    As Obama says he has always been a Christian, although we all know that’s not true.
    .-= Baric´s last blog ..HITLER AND STALIN: ROOTS OF EVIL =-.

  30. I don’t live in the US, but I can not see the parallels between Hitler and Obama. I see this comparison as nothing more than a smear campaign against your current president. This Hitler comparison was used in equal measure when Bush was in power, btw.

  31. Dear misanthropic anthropoids,

    More lies and bullshit from the power houses, and how helpful it is for them to have puppets like you to spread the carefully contrived deceits. Its amazing how twisted certain individuals can make the truth, disgraceful really. I feel bad that so many people chose to believe it, but why bother asking questions and finding the truth, I mean, why on earth would someone teach you wrong information, right??
    Hitler was all for guns because he wanted his people to BE ABLE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES, buut ofcourse after WWII certain people found they didn`t like the sound of truth so tweaked it to their liking. Not like today with a longer gun registry trying to be implemented, because the Z controllers of today have your protection last in mind… wrongly informed individuals of today.
    Well, for the rest of you, have fun searching out the truth with a bloody blindfold over your eyes and immensely inaccurate information.


  32. This is ridiculous…Hitler was insane, a madman, and the father of Jewish genocide…….

    How can you possibly be stupid enough to compare Adolf Hitler to Barack Obama? come on man, at least make it believable..this is laughable, and i’m laughing.

  33. Maybe you retards should keep arguing politics while the privately run Federal (LOL) reserve bank runs us all into the ground. =)

  34. lets get straight obama is not a very good pres. he is just like the other screw balls around they will never get this country right they give our money to countries that they dont even like us they spend to much money i dont know why i think there stupid obama put us in debt more in the hole

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